Michelle Marcotte Writer and Illustrator




Michelle Marcotte is a Canadian American writer and artist currently writing, marketing and proposing several books to publishers. Michelle is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and an exhibiting member of several artists organizations.


Hat Trick!  In 2023, I published three children's picture books:


Will Evie Ever Lay an Egg? Written by Michelle Marcotte and illustrated by Seema Heider. A book about encouragement and empathy as part of the lessons learned by taking responsibility to raise living creatures. It also teaches about chicken breeds. Seema Haider is a member of the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators working as an illustrator in Ottawa Canada. (Archway Publishing)


ABC Vegetables - Abecedaire des legumes. Two separate books, English and French, flipped and bound in one book. Written and illustrated by Michelle Marcotte with co-author Joel Beddows. Joel is a theatre director, and currently Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs University of Ottawa. (Archway Publishing)


Chase That Polar Bear Out of the House! Written by Michelle Marcotte and illustrated by Annely So. An outdoor activity book introducing kids to exercise moves, words and colors as they observe, chase and mimic a host of animals.  Annely So is a member of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators working on Vancouver Island British Columbia. (Archway Publishing)


Michelle reviews and recommend books for children and teens in my youtube channel: Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte. You can also find my book reviews on this website.


Michelle is currently searching for agents and publishers for the following books:


An Illustrated History of Gnomes and Humans in Canada, a 250 page book for middle-grade to adult readers. Stories of Canadian history and cultural development are narrated by the Gnomes who saw it all and sometimes changed the course of history.


One Night in the Emergency Room of Calamity Hospital. A funny yet cautionary tale of the things kids do that land them in the emergency room, and how they are fixed up by the emergency room team.


Help me get to the church on time. A child from the countryside tells the story of trying to find his uncle's church in the big city and the helpful religious persons he meets along the way. 


The Bakery Kids. A team of seven kids from different ethnicities walk home from school each day using their own talents and personalities in teamwork to solve neighbourhood mysteries and problems. (This is a series for kids age 6-10. Three books are completed, still writing book four!)


Little Pickles - Has Bad Dreams. Six year old Little Pickles has bad dreams. She and her Grandmother resolve them and scare them away using a variety of unusual objects and determination.


Little Pickles and the Christmas Tree. Six year old Little Pickles has had her life turned upside down after her mother's re-marriage and the blending with a new family. And the Christmas Tree won't stay standing up! Little Pickles, her older sister and new step-brother get together to solve that problem. But to do that, they must first understand each other.


29 Eggs and Hope. In spare but careful language we meet a young child who is fleeing war with her family. She carries 29 eggs in a basket and hope in her heart as she flees to safety.



This is my book website. My fine art website is https://www.michellemarcotte.com