ABC Vegetables - Abecedaire des legumes by Michelle Marcotte

ABC Vegetables - Abecedaire des legumes

Here is Joël Beddows, my co-author for the upcoming bilingual book ABC Vegtables - Abecedaire des legumes. It a book about vegetables that is English on one side and French on the other side, great for kids or adults learning either English or French, and also learning about vegetables. It will be published by Archway Publishing in 2023.

Joël Beddows, co-author, is a professor at the Department of Theatre, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa, where he is also Special Councilor for Francophone Affairs to the Dean. Joël is an award-winning theatre director, artistic director, academic, author and translator (in English and French) and the loving father to a charming, bilingual daughter.