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Around three years old, shy children may start to decide the world is just too big and scary or may decide there are just too many people and they would rather stay home. You can try to encourage or push your child to want to be with other kids or go places, but that might not work.



Sometimes kids just need one special friend before they can branch out.



In Lawrence & Sophia, by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Brian Cronin, we meet Lawrence, a little boy who finds the world outside his fence to be very big, very loud and very crowded. He is happy staying inside his own yard. We also meet Sophia, a strange little bird, who views the world outside her tree as dark, bumpy and dangerous. So she stays in her tree.



One day Sophia ventured out to a branch that was outside Lawrence’s window, and a friendship began. They had fun together flying kites, playing soccer and putting on plays, while they both stayed in their preferred own space.  Lawrence made a tent in the yard to be closer to Sophia, and she moved her nest to be closer to Lawrence.



All was good until a huge storm came that was big, loud, dark, bumpy and dangerous. The friends were so worried about each other that they left their own spaces to look for their friend.


And that is how they learned that yes, the world might be cold and bumpy but if you have a friend, and you take care of each other, it will be all right.  And with your friend at your side, you might just want to explore the world a bit.



The illustrations are cute and funny. Lawrence and Sophia both have big eyes and the feathers on the top of Sophia’s head match the color of Lawrence’s knit cap. Little kids age 3-5 will find the things that Lawrence builds in his back yard to be amusing, and they will understand Lawrence’s and Sophia’s feelings because they might be similar to their own at times. This book can help you get your pre-school child to talk about their feelings, and if they are just about to go to pre-school or kindergarten you may find they’ll tell you they are scared too, giving you the opportunity to talk that through before it becomes a problem.



Lawrence and Sophia by Doreen Cronin and Illustrated by Brian Cronin was published by Rocky Pond Books from Penguin Random House. It is sold by understanding bookstores, or order it online from which supports local bookstores, or from Amazon by following the link I have placed in the comment section above.