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Gee-eun Lee is a Korean writer and illustrator. She both wrote and illustrated ‘My Grandmom’ about her life in Korea with her grandmother. It was translated into English by Sophie Bowman.



In My Grandmom, we meet little Gee-eun who upset when her parents go to work. But her Halmoni, her Grandmom, knows just what to do to distract Gee-eun into having a happy day. They make noodles and soup, and her grandmother tells her about when her mom was just as small as Gee-Eun.



When family sports day comes at school, Gee-Eun cries because her mother can not take her to do the sports together. But her grandmother assures her that she was once so good at sports and the family sports day will be a success.



But, Grandmom is a lot older and less able to do sports than she thought. She tries, but Grandmom falls during the race and Gee-eun is upset because they don’t win.


The patient and resourceful grandmom takes Gee-eun to the market to buy snacks and fish and then home to cook a nice dinner for the parents when they come home from work.



It is a sweet and simple story, one showing the wisdom and patience of Grandmothers, which I can relate to, and of the simple things in life that Grandparents can do that so enrich a child’s life. For children, every ordinary day can be important with the right person by their side.



I loved the illustrations! They are colorful and full of action. They are deceptively simplistic, with a flat perspective and shapes that look like shapes from the Korean alphabet. Your early elementary school child can learn a lot about how do draw people from looking at these fun illustrations.



My Grandmom by Gee-eun Lee was first published in Korean and then translated into English by Sophie Bowman, who did a great job. It is was published in English, in hardcover by Amazon Crossing. You can find it at worldly bookstores, or order it from that supports local bookstores or from Amazon at the affiliate link I have placed in the comment section above.