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If you know a kid who is just learning to read, or maybe does not really want to learn to read, the Narwal series of graphic novels is just what you need. Here I have Super Narwal and Jelly Jolt, one of many Narwal graphic novels written and illustrated by Ben Clanton and published by Tundra.



If you aren’t sure you want your kid reading graphic novels, maybe you are picturing comic books of the sort written for older kids – the kind with scantily dressed gals.


By big contrast, the Narwal and Jelly series of graphic novels are really fun and sneakily informative books for early readers or reluctant readers ages 5-8.  



The characters in this book are Narwal, who is sure he is Super Narwal. Narwall loves waffles and all his ocean friends. Narwal’s superpower is to bring out the Super in everyone. He helps his friends Jelly and Crab find, and rejoice in, their own superpowers.



This book is a series of short vignettes, little stories that feature his friends, their problems or concerns and how Narwal helps them. The length of these little stories is perfect for learning to read age kids.



Let me show you how this fun version of a graphic novel works.


In the first story, Narwal is planning a great day, a Super Day, perhaps beginning with waffles. Then he plans to become a Superhero. His friend Jelly is skeptical and says Narwal does not have what it takes to be a Superhero, for example, a costume, a secret identity and a side kick. Narwal invents everything he needs and declares that Jelly, the timid skeptic, his superhero sidekick. So, Jelly becomes the Superhero Jelly Jolt and on it goes.



The two Superheroes go about their day, meeting friends in the ocean, teaching us about their lives, solving problems and creating superheros of everyone they meet.



It’s upbeat, positive and informative all rolled into one funny, very easy to read, book. Your early elementary school kid or grandkid will love them. AND there are many Narwal and Jelly books making future gift giving problems easy to solve.


Super Narwal and Jelly Jolt, in the Narwall and Jelly book series was published by Tundra, is available in bookstores with a sense of humor, or ordered from which supports your local bookstore, or at Amazon on the link I have placed below in the comments section.



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