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Ready or Not - how do you learn to be brave by Laura Segal Stegman, is the second book in the Summer of L.U.C.K. trilogy. In their second summer at Camp Inch, we join our three friends, Justin, Naz and Darby. Last summer they met Mr. Leroy Usher, the long dead ghost who was the builder of a marvelous amusement park with a magical carnival ride near Camp Inch. He helped them. This summer, as Justin adapts to the death of his father, the kids are happy to be back at camp and they hope to meet Mr. Leroy Usher again.



But from the beginning, things go downhill. First the kids find they are in separate areas of the camp, and soon Justin has the uncomfortable experience of learning one of his cabin mates is a bully who both talks mean and acts mean. Justin tried to stop a schoolyard bully before camp began and he was beaten up for his trouble. He knows he shouldn’t just ignore it when the bully starts harming a gentle fellow camper, but he does not know how, and he is afraid of getting beaten up again. And their assigned camp counsellors do not help.



This is a situation that we often talk about to our kids – right?. Don’t let bullies harm other people. BUT, do we really give our kids practical, real-life ways to deal with a bully? Do we? I don’t think we do that as well as we should because most adults really don’t know how. The really interesting and valuable aspect of this book is that it does have real life, practical, kid-centric ideas of how to deal with a bully. It talks about how to be brave in the real world kids live in. And to help kids accept the advice it comes wrapped up in a fun, ghost story adventure.



It is not often we are offered a middle grade magical adventure book that has a side dish of helpful wisdom. This book, and the entire Summer of LUCK trilogy is published by Young Dragons of Roan and Weatherford Publishing. You can purchase it from them, from Amazon on the link in the comments section below or from which supports your local bookstores.