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Hi Americans. Here a link to this book that will help kids resolve conflict without fighting. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


In Conor and the Magical Glasses – Taking without Asking by Marie-Ange Da Silva, we learn that conflict between friends isn’t easy and that we can teach kids methods to resolve conflicts. This book is perfect for the 4-8 age group because kids at this age often have conflicts when one kid takes something from another kid without asking. This usually results in bad feelings, crying, screaming or sometimes outright fisticuffs!



We meet Conor who is angry because his friend Sam took Conor’s new rocket away without asking.  Sam won’t give it back. Conor is imagining all sorts of reasons that Sam took the rocket and how he might damage it. Then Conor becomes even more angry!  



Conor is on the verge of hitting Sam when his older brother Liam talks to Conor about the problem. Liam hands Conor the magical glasses allowing him to see the perhaps incorrect or exaggerated or misleading thoughts in his head about the situation that resulted in angry thoughts. The glasses let him see into his heart to know how he would like the matter of the missing rocket resolved.



The method Liam teaches is that Conor must first understand his own feelings and how they lead to the thoughts that create anger. Then Conor has to understand his own needs to resolve the situation. Instead of imagining why Sam took the rocket, Conor needs to ask Sam about why he took it without asking, and why he won’t give it back. By using his words, Conor can see into Sam’s heart too.


This conversation results in both boys understanding each other, and with Conor and Sam taking turns to play with the rocket.



This method of conflict resolution can be learned, and it will help kids as they grow and deal with even bigger problems. Marie-Ange Da Silva is a lawyer who practices conflict mediation, dealing with the kinds of adult problems that this kind of thinking can help resolve. Her illustrations for this book are effective, simple, colorful collages with movable, jointed paper dolls, dressed in modern, colorful clothes that will appeal to kids.  



Conor and the Magical Glasses was self-published by Marie-Ange Da Silva. It can be obtained from her website ( or from Amazon at the link I have placed in the comments. Please subscribe to hear about more Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte