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 Also available in French:(ages 3-5) Le petit gobelin par Joanne Léçuyer illustrations de Steve Ebdon


This book has just been published by Topsy Books and will soon be available on their website. Other books by Canadian author Joanne Léçuyer, author of The Little Goblin are sold on so I imagine you will soon find it there as well.   


This sweet little book, The Little Goblin, by Joanne Lecuyer illustrated by Steve Ebdon is also available in French as Le petit gobelin. It will help you create warm memories with your little one. Those warm memories of reading books together will start your child or grandchild on a lifetime of book reading.


The Little Goblin, whose name is Gorzak, is the youngest and least brave member of his family. While the older Goblins liked having adventures, little Gorzak liked watching polywogs swim in the nearby pond. But, when Gorzak’s father was away, his mother became sick. The older goblin kids were only interested in adventuring, so our little and least brave goblin realized it fell to him to find the healing mushrooms in the forest to heal his mother.


In the forest, Gorzak meets a rather scary dragon, who we soon learn is just a tad self-centered but also  helpful and kind. Gorzak makes a deal to help the dragon, and the dragon leads him to the mushrooms that heal his mother.


Well, the little goblin’s mother is healed, his older siblings admire his bravery and the little goblin and the dragon become friends.

This is a sweet, heartwarming story that your little one will love.


And yes, the first time you meet the dragon on these beautifully painted pages your little one may hug you close, but they will soon learn, as did the little goblin, that even scary looking dragons can be good at heart.