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If you are taking the kids to the beach or camping, you will want this hilarious book by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko. You can read it to the younger kids or let the older kids read it aloud as you drive along. The Sandcastle Contest is about a family heading to a beachside campsite, with just about everything they own on top of their car and trailer, except their dog. And that is because they don’t have a dog, even though their young son wants one.


Just look at these illustrations. Those of you who are capable of travelling light will scoff but I’ll bet if you do camping with kids you can relate. Just looking at these illustrations by Martchenko will make the kids laugh.


At the beach, the boy builds the most marvelous sand house complete with everything you could ever think of. A girl on the beach builds a marvelous sand dog. Together they conquer contest judges who just do not seem to realize these kids are so good at sand building.


In the end, the kids all win, and because the boy has learned how to build a dog out of sand, he also gets a dog.


It is a fun book from Canada’s funniest storytellers. It was published by Scholastic, is available from them, on Amazon and at bookstores who know the value of laughter.