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In ‘Gideon The Goat Beats His Fears’ a story and art by KT Hope, a Texas based writer and illustrator we meet a cute, engaging and very sociable goat named Gideon. First,  we have to find him because he is hiding. Gideon feels badly because as a mountain goat he knows he should want to climb mountains but he just can’t because he is too scared.



He does try to solve his problem by asking children who are listening to this book to help him. He asks whether they think that special brown hiking boots, or cool blue sunglasses or a super duper red cape will give him the courage he thinks he needs to climb mountains.



But no, the children decide those things will not help Gideon climb mountains. And because this is a book with a Christian message, a sensible message, the author tells Gideon he is being silly. He was born to climb mountains and God has given him everything he needs to climb the mountains of his dreams.


God is mentioned in this book, which many parents and grandparents will think is a good thing, but some


families might not agree and that’s ok. Gideon is told that God believes in him.



Fear is a common problem in kids age 3-4 when they are becoming adventurous and learning how to do things. Sometimes kids in this age group WANT to do more than they actually CAN do. When children are afraid it does help them to feel support and encouragement from family, and in many families, God is part of the family.



here are a couple of extra benefits from this book. There is a QR code you can scan to hear the author read this book to you and your kids. And there are Bible quotes about Gideon (the Bible character), and about conquering fear.