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A child’s imagination and silly sense of wonder is something to be encouraged. And yet, too often we don’t take time to just look out the window and imagine the world around us. In “I’d Like To Be The Window For A Wise Old Dog’ words and pictures by Philip Stead, we too can sit at the window during a rainy day and think about the world passing by, and the world of imagination. We can wonder about the lives of turtles in the rain, walruses who need warm hats, mice being chased by cats and what an old dog thinks about while looking out the window.


This is a book of rhyme, musical cadence and thought. It is silly, but with a purpose. It can spur imagination and wonder and put your little one’s mind to question what life is like for a bird who shelters under an elephant or what a whale would do in a meadow of flowers.


Philip Stead’s pictures in this book are full of details in soft colors and there are many animals to see, ranging from honeybees to buffalos, from yellow birds to owls. There are generous pages of illustrations to see, each having birds and animals and insects tucked in among the flowers.


And yes, there is a wise, old hairy dog, looking out the window and thinking quiet thoughts. This book proposes an answer to the question, ‘What does an old dog think about when looking out the window?’ teaching us that quiet times can lead to big thoughts and are not just a waste of time.


This book was published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers. I found it at the Alice Ever After Bookstore in Buffalo just across from the entrance to the Buffalo Zoo, you can order it from them or from Doubleday or from Amazon. I’ve placed the website for Alice Ever After and for Amazon in the comments section above.

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