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Stuttering is very common among children and adults, even though people who stutter often think they are the only persons with that problem. Some children only stutter when they are first trying to speak their minds, but some children continue to stutter at various times even when fully grown, even when adults and even when they become the 46th President of the United States of America.


In ‘Brayden Speaks Up’ by Brayden Harrington and illustrated by Betty C Tang, we meet Brayden who calls his way of speaking ‘bumpy’ and it has bothered him a lot, in school and at home and when out in the world. His family and friends encouraged and understood him, but still Brayden was often discouraged about his speach pattern.


When Brayden was 13 years old, he went to a meeting where then candidate Vice President Joe Biden was speaking. Mr Biden also occasionally stutters, pauses or has bumpy speech, as Brayden calls it. Introduced to Mr. Biden they had a good chat about stuttering, how Mr. Biden partly overcame it, how he works on his speeches to make them easier to read without stuttering, how stuttering still sometimes concerns him but most importantly how Mr. Biden is not letting it stop him from using his voice and running for President.


Brayden was helped and inspired. He now thought he could do anything he wanted to do, even with bumpy speech. Brayden presented a short speech at the Democratic National Convention when Mr Biden was nominated to run as the Democratic Party nominee for President. And he spoke at President Biden’s inauguration.


This is the perfect book to help any kid who stutters to accept themselves and thrive. The end notes list resources for parents and teachers to assist kids who stutter to find methods of improving their speech, dealing with it effectively and accepting themselves for who there are and their unique gifts.


Published by Harper Collins Childrens Books, it is available from their website, from bookstores that encourage kids and from Amazon on the link below in the comments above.