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Somewhere around the ages of four or five, and as late as 8 years old, kids baby teeth fall out. This is often just a minor irritation to the child, sometimes causes some pain and anxiety which in most kids is  very much balanced by the potential arrival of the Tooth Fairy who might bring a small gift at night in exchange for the tooth.



In Andrew’s Loose Tooth – I’m showing you the French language version here of Ma dent ne veut pas tomber, by the unbeatable children’s book duo of Robert Munsch and Michael Martechenko, Andrew’s tooth will not fall out. Andrew wants to eat an apple for breakfast but his tooth hurts when he tries to eat.


So, in this hilarious, exaggerated look at the entire tooth falling out scenario and family life, we see the Mom, the Dad, the Dentist all try to remove the tooth without success. Each person tries something different and nothing works. Meanwhile Andrew continues to complain that he wants to eat an apple.



The pictures of family life here, of older and younger sister, all watching this with varying degrees of interest are really funny. Then the dentist comes along in a shiny black car, with a large tool belt on his side. In a very undentist-like manner, he ties a rope to the tooth, and then ties the other end to his car and backs up as fast as he can. The tooth stays in and the car falls apart in pieces, leaving the dentist holding only the steering wheel.



Everyone gives up except for Andrew’s friend Louis who calls the Tooth Fairy for help. She arrives on a huge motorcycle, hair flying in the wind, collected teeth falling out of her saddle bag and with a huge grin on her face. She feels this tooth will not be a challenge, but it is. She breaks her mallet trying to knock the tooth out.



Finally, Louis shakes black pepper on Andrew’s nose. He sneezes so hard the tooth goes flying right across the city. Look at this illustration! The detail and movement, the color. The story of the tooth flying through the city is told in this marvelous illustration.



If you have a kid in this age group, you need this book by two of Canada’s best storytellers. It was published by Scholastic and is available from them, from bookstores with a good sense of humor and from Amazon on the links in the comment section below.



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