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Springtime and summer occur at the same time as many household moves. In ‘New House’ by Dave Wheeler, we see a pre-schooler’s reaction to the busy and unsettling time of moving to a new house. At first, there is much to explore and many new ways to create havoc while the parents are busy moving into the new house. We see the child look at the new house with its new door and its new dirt as the parents try to clean up. With the parent’s attention turned elsewhere, we see our toddler get into mischief with abandon.


Then comes the night time, and the sudden realization that everything is different. The room is full of strange shadows, and scary darkness. The child is first worried then frightened. If you have a sensitive and easily frightened child you might want to rush through those pages or skip one or two. But then the one aspect of his life that is the same comes to comfort him. His parents are the same and that makes everything ok.



Dave Wheeler wrote and illustrated this book and the illustrations make all the difference. The text is simple with few words and the pictures really carry the story. It will be fun for adults who read this aloud to point out all the mischief this little one is doing, from getting messy in piles of dirt, to running around with pieces of pizza. With these illustrations we see moving to a new house from the child’s view, lots of new things to explore but also scary new experiences too.


In the end, with the child’s natural inclination to explore and the support and love from his parents, the new house becomes the new home. With just those words at the end, we have our happy ending.



New House by Dave Wheeler will reassure your little one who might be moving to a new house or apartment that while many things are new, love and support from parents remain the same.



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