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Spring and summer are great times for impromptu science lessons. Lessons in entomology, the study of insects can just walk right past you while you are having a picnic outside. Spring and summer bring pesky ants into the open and you don’t have to do much to find them, watch them and wonder about what they are doing.


In ‘Ants. Just Like Us!’ by experienced non-fiction writer Bridget Heos, illustrated by well known cartoonist Dave Clark, we learn about the lives, jobs and homes of many different ant species. We learn how ant babies are cared for and fed, how their large communities are built and maintained, what kinds of jobs ants have and how they survive. The author makes connections between the lives of ants and our own lives. It’s a good lesson for kids to see all living creatures in their complexity and importance to our world.


The text boxes on each page are rather lengthy, and might be too long for younger kids, but the really detailed and extensive color illustrations are enough just on their own to tell the story for little kids. Meanwhile, older kids, or those who are already aware of the natural world, will find the detail so interesting and funny. Bridget Heos and Dave Clark point out the funny oddities and brave activities of ants that will make kids laugh and remember.


This book was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It can be found on their website, in fun bookstores and on Amazon from the links I have placed in the comment section below.