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You have heard of cross-over music? Well, here we have a cross-over book. The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito is a play, a story of the life of a girl mosquito from ages 4-16. Born without wings, she was bullied and mistreated and struggled to find her voice, which became both her singing voice and her strong bold, declaration of life. Mary Jane’s life is a story of perseverance to eventual success through an understanding of the importance of kindness and of being a friend to make friends.


It is not a book only for children, but also for adults. And the lino cut illustrations by Canadian genius artist Sue Todd are alone worth the price of admission to this unusual creation.


It's unusual to have a book for kids that is a play. It provides an example of how to write a play, and might inspire kids to put on this play – although the music would be needed and it is not included. This play is written in English, with some French and some Cree, which Order of Canada playwright, author and musician refers to as ‘mosquito language’.  When Mary Jane says Cree words she tells you the English translation but asks the audience to repeat them. It is definitely an audience-participation play. 


It’s quite fun, odd, surprising and probably uproariously funny to see performed. I wish it was performed more for senior elementary and high school kids because more kids need to see intelligently written theatre. 


If you have kids or a theatre group at your school, this might be an inspiration to either decide to perform this play or inspire the kids to write a play.


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