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Some books defy description – and Still Water by Anthony Ricotta is one of them. It could be described as a book about the journey of a drop of water, so it might interest a child who is interested in environmental issues. But it is also book with philosophical and poetic musings about water and the role it plays in life. So, it would appeal to someone who likes poetry, thought and word play.


It is a book full of wonderings about what the future might hold. It might make a good graduation gift at a time of life when the future is ahead but it is difficult to know which path to take.

Essentially, this is a picture book that is better for teens and adults than younger kids.


Anthony Ricotta who both wrote and illustrated this book leaves much to the imagination and interpretation of the reader. The illustrations are dreamy paintings, soft watercolors, with the barest suggestions of ideas and locations. It might make a good gift for someone with the time and inclination to dream and relax.

If I were reading it to a child, I think it would be fun to ask that child what they see in the illustrations. The answer might lead to an interesting conversation.


Still Water was published by Xlibris of Bloomington Indiana. You can get the book from them or from the River Art Gallery in North Tonawanda, New York.


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