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This well researched book, One World – 24 Hours on Planet Earth by Nicola Davies and Illustrated by Jenni Desmond introduces an incredibly interesting question. What is happening all over the world, in each time zone of the world at this very moment?


To answer that question, we are introduced to two children looking out of the window in London England at midnight. They ask that question and are transported hour by hour to a new time zone in a wonderful part of the world. In each new country they see the scene and the animals unique to that place, and in a fun quirk, the illustrator has hidden the girls in each scene making it fun to try to find them.


This is a book with a purpose and a message. While we see many different kinds of animals and learn about their lives, their home and how they live together, we also learn about the threat that climate change and other environmental damage might bring to their environment. It is enough of a concern that I think this picture book is more appropriate for an older elementary school audience. It would be a great book for teachers to use to introduce an environmental science lesson. The end notes in the book discuss climate change and what kids and their families can do to help.  


Take a look at these illustrations by Jenni Desmond. Their beautiful colors reflect the location and the time of day as the book moves hour by hour around the world.


One World – 24 Hours on Planet Earth, was published by Walker Books of London England, so it will introduce some British word choices to your kids as you read it.


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