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Hi Americans. Here is the link to this exciting early reader fantasy book.

Hi Canadians. Here is the link to this exciting early reader fantasy book.

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In this new book from the Future Hero Series – Mission to Shadow Sea, we are whisked from South London to a wonderful fantasy world called Ulfrica, where our main character Jarell, has learned he is a hero and the heir to the great ruler of that world. The portal to this world is held by his uncle  who runs the VIP back- room in a popular barber shop. 


All it takes is a new haircut, and Jarell quickly finds himself in a wonderful world of land and sea. In that world he meets up with his powerful side kick, Kimisi, is a girl warrior who helps Jarell with this unfamiliar but fascinating world. Kimisi is a force to be reconned with.


This book, will fascinate early readers, boys and girls. It is a heroic quest. The team of Jarrell and Kimisi have to find four powerful items that are currently hidden, but are being searched for by an evil sorcerer.


The plot is very  fast moving. It takes place in a river and a lake where there are castles hidden and mermen, and River Mothers and interesting creatures that talk in rhyme.  Jarell and Kimisi are challenged by dangerous creatures sent to harm them by the evil sorcerer and it can be scary at times.


Now, I know some people do not like fantasy stories. But in this story, our two heroes succeed by virtue of their values. Jarell is constantly challenged to make difficult decisions quickly. Fortunately he believes that strength is shown by not taking the easy method, by respecting other creatures and their culture, even if it slows or harms the success of his quest.  He believes in trusting the people and the creatures he meets, and in kindness. And because of that, Jarell and Kimisi succeed in saving the merpeople, helping the River Mother, rescuing the manatees AND finding the next element of the heroic quest.


This is the second book in the series, the first Future Hero was Race to Fire Mountain. They were both published by Scholastic. They are available from Scholastic, at good bookstores that support diversity and from the Amazon. You can find a link to buy this book from Amazon in the comment section above. And it would help me a lot of you used that link to buy the book or whatever else you want to shop for at Amazon.


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