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Hi Americans. Here is the link to this cute early-reader book.

Hi Canadians. Here is the link to this cute early-reader book in English

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This book has a cute dog on the cover with a strange name – Schnuckiputz. We learn in this book, by Dr. Rosemarie Drinklage,  that the dog’s name means ‘You are loved’. And as your child reads this book to you, maybe the first book your child can read aloud, you will love schnuckiputz too.



Rosemarie Drinklage has a PhD in School Psychology and worked as a school psychologist for many years. She wrote this book specifically so kids could read it on their own. Schnuckiputz, - nicknamed Schucki, is the narrator. We learn about his or her life, all the animal friends he has and all the places he goes with his Mom.


We learn that Schnucki is scared of some things but likes other things. And on nearly every page Schnucki directly engages with the reader, asking questions about his or her own family, what scares the reader or what they like.


With simple, even child-like drawings and watercolor paintings, the illustrator shows us the individuality of each of the many cats and the one child that Schnucki lives with. As your child reads to you, you can smile at the scowls from the cat called Eeny, and how note how pretty Moe’s girlfriend is, even if Moe seems rather unimpressed by her!



Sometimes simple books really work well for young readers. This book could be the first book you child reads to you. And it will give you many opportunities for conversation with your child.



The book is available in English, French, Spanish and German from at the link I have placed in the comment section above. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte learn about more books that will please your kids and teens.