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Here is a very engaging, real book for early readers. Miles Lewis – Whiz Kid is a spin off from the very popular Jada Jones series. Miles Lewis is one of Jada’s friends, a circle of friends who work hard at school and have the same trials and social problems as every other kid in this age group. We see those problems, and importantly how Miles comes to grip with his feelings and then solves the problems in Miles Lewis – Whiz Kid by one of the top authors for the early reader age group and a leader in ensuring diversity in kids books.


Kelly Starling Lyons is the author of Miles Lewis – Whiz Kid and the Jada Jones series and about 25 other books for kids. Kelly knows kids, what is happening in their lives, what school is like and how kids this age are learning to navigate relationships with their friends and families. She uses her books to hold a mirror up to Black kids to ensure they see themselves in the book they read.


We meet Miles Lewis, who is a whiz at science. He did a terrific project for the science fair last year and this year his goal is to be even better. But last year, he did his science project by himself and this year it will be a team project. And it is not easy working in teams. Especially when Miles is so set on doing well, and especially when his cousin Cam is also a whiz kid at science and also entering the science fair.


Well, at its heart, this is a book about the trials and tribulation of all scientists. Miles learns that not every idea works out, that you have to keep trying, and he learns that working with a team means that more minds can solve problems faster. At the end, you just know this team of kids is headed for great things because they are creative problem solvers.


I really liked this book. I think kids of any race or ethnicity would like this book for the understanding it shows to their concerns at school, how to understand their feelings and how to solve problems with friendships.


And, unlike many chapter books, this one is illustrated. And the fun, modern illustrations by Wayne Spencer really lets kids know it is cool to read this book. Modern kids with modern clothes, hairstyles and problems to solve.


This is a really good book for early readers, simple language but interesting. Interesting characters, family and situations and great illustrations. It will keep your early reader wanting to read more. And, I note that the main characters are boys, and it is sometimes difficult to find books that boys will want to read. In this book, boys will see themselves, and see themselves as scientists and problem-solvers.


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