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Hi Americans! Don’t procrastinate, go to from this link and find this excellent book.

Hi Canadians! Don’t procrastinate, go to from this link and find this excellent book.

Just select the Amazon that delivers to your region and use this link to find this book or do other shopping on Amazon. The author won’t make a penny less, you won’t pay a penny more, but I will make a few pennies to buy more books to review. 



Here is a book that many parents of teens probably need: Bust Your Buts – Tips for Teens Who Procrastinate by Joanne Foster. She knows what she is writing about. Joanne has a masters in Special Education and a Doctorate in Human Development and Applied Psychology. Dr. Foster taught Educational Psychology at the University of Toronto for twelve years.



This book reviews all the possible personal reasons, skill-related reasons and external reasons that kids use to justify procrastination. And then, she gives reality-based tips that deal with each reason. You will also learn about many of the challenges teens face as they learn how to work and how to manage their time.



This book is a reference book for the problem of procrastination. You can ask your teen why they aren’t working on their project, or report, or studying. They will no doubt have a reason or two. I think Dr. Foster has thought of every reason under the sun. So, then go to that section in the book and read the reason behind that reason and strategies for resolving it and getting back to work. If necessary, I would read it aloud to your teen procrastinator even if it means walking around the house after them!.



With this book as guidance you might get some action, some introspection and certainly some discussion with your teen. And getting a teen to just talk is half the battle. The other half is getting them to listen and for that you need something sensible to tell them.



This is that sensible, helpful book. I wish I had it in my house a couple of decades ago. And now, having read it, I also see many of the excuses and reasons I procrastinate and some straight talk about how to get out of the procrastination rut.