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Hello Americans. Here is a link to buy Preposterous Pumpkins, and anything else you might need, on

Hello Canadians. Here is a link to buy Preposterous Pumpkins, and anything else you might need, on

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Here is a fun and wonderfully silly book intended to inspire kids age 2-6 to think differently and use their imaginations. Preposterous Pumpkins by Jenny Dearinger starts with uses for a pumpkin that kids will know. For example, using a pumpkin as a carriage like Cinderella does in the story, or making Jack o Lanterns with pumpkins.


And then the ideas get wonderfully silly and crazy and so much fun. We see pumpkin bird houses, boats, and camouflage for chameleons. And then even crazier ideas come out. We see pumpkins used as basketballs, helicopters, balloons and ballerina shoes. By the time you get to that page you and your child will be laughing your heads off.


But sensible Jenny Dearinger brings your child gently back to earth by reminding about the best use of pumpkin – pumpkin pie. This book would make a great gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any autumn and

winter holiday.


O hope you get to take a closer look at the brilliantly colored, imaginative illustrations. Books for children ages 2-6 are often read and re-read. With this book you will find many aspects of the illustrations to point to as you re-read this book to add to the amusement.


Jenny Dearinger is her own publisher. You can find Preposterous Pumpkins as well as Dearinger’s other books at from the links above.