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(ages 3-9) Will Evie Ever Lay An Egg? By Michelle Marcotte illustrated by Seema Haider


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I am happy to announce my new book, Will Evie Ever Lay An Egg? This book tells the story of a child who is raising five backyard chickens. Over time, one by one, each chicken begins to lay eggs, but Evie becomes sad because she is the only chicken not laying eggs. She has not developed at the same time as the other chickens. We learn the power of encouragement and empathy as the child waits for Evie to develop, in her own time.


We learn about common backyard chicken breeds through this book by seeing the different colors and characteristics of the chicks, then as full-grown chickens and then by the color of eggs they lay.


And Evie does eventually lay a beautiful blue-green egg. She is an Easter Egger. They develop just a bit more slowly than other breeds, but the beauty of their eggs is worth waiting for.


This book can be used to spark conversations about children who also develop in their own time, and who also need to develop empathy and the ability to encourage others.


Seema Haider, an Ottawa Canada artist and illustrator has created heartwarming pictures to accompany the text. She and I made sure the chicken breeds were correctly represented in their characteristics too.


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