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Today I am so happy to bring you a wonderful story, a warmhearted book whose words and illustrations draw inspiration from the world view and teachings of the Lakota plains Indians. Mr. S.D. Nelson is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.


His story brings us to the Dakota plains where we see a brother and sister walking far from their village and appreciating the world around them. They stop to admire the clouds seeing many animal forms and then even the face of a beloved grandmother who died last year. Seeing her they felt sad but protected by her presence.   


When lightening from a sudden storm sets the dry grass on fire, all the plains animals flee past and the brother and sister run from the wall of fire. In the smoke they stumble into a stream where they are safe. The fire passes but all around them is burnt grass. A soft rain comes to rejuvenate the grasses and sustain the wild animals, but they can not see their way home. The stars overhead dance with light and shapes telling them that all will be well. Grandmother’s spirit in the stars comforts them again, leads them to berry bushes in the morning and then walks them home to their village.  


The grandmother leaves them with some parting wisdom. The children should know that the Star People, the spirits of the ancestors and she herself will always be with them. They just have to look at the stars to see she is with them. It is a comforting thought for us all.


S.D. Nelson illustrated this book with beautiful colors, wonderful earth colors of green and gold and sky colors of blues, violet and turquoise. He drew inspiration from the art and decorations of the Lakota people. It is a beautiful book.


This book is available from Abrams Books for Young Readers or from the Southwest Indian Foundation catalogue or from Amazon on the link I have placed  above.


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