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Hi Everyone, Here is a link to author Kyra Zeidan's website where you will find the book and parent and educator guides, activities and coloring pages.


Today I am introducing a book written for all kids ages 3-6, but also for children who need extra support for their literacy and speech development. Kyra Zeidan, the author of Kayla Travels in Her Dreams, is a speech and language therapist who works with children exhibiting language or development delays or problems such as stuttering. The language in this book was written to support parents who are assisting children to overcome those challenges.


The book was illustrated by Musa Abdulaziz Hasan, a neurodivergent person. I point this out because the illustrations are particularly clear and simple, colorful, and lacking distracting detail. The illustrations will appeal to all kids in this age range, but are also likely to be appealing to kids on the neurodivergent spectrum. And really, you can’t say that about every book for children. This book is special.


Here’s the story: Just as the family is ready to go to the airport for a vacation, a sudden snowstorm cancels their plans. Sad little Kayla falls asleep. In her dreams she travels to beautiful places such as Dubai, China, Australia, France, Egypt and Brazil. In each location we see the famous sites and animals. But in each location Kayla misses her family. So, she is happy to wake up and find she is back home.


It is a simple story with repetitive words and sounds, designed to help kids with their speech. And many, if not all kids in this age group, can benefit from learning how to say words correctly.


It comes with a fun activity. At the back of the book there is a world map and six story characters to cut out. Either the parent or the child can cut out the character shapes and use them to create their own story or tell a parent the story as the character moves around the world map.


I love that Kyra has cleverly snuck in that geography lesson!


This book was published by Kyra Zeidan and is available from and links in the comments section. BUT, and here is something different and useful. Kyra also offers the book plus parents and educators guides, play scripts and coloring pages on her website (This is   


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