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A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary illustrated by QuinLeng et aussi disponible en Française comme  Une famille c’est une famille tells the story of several children who are concerned that their family is different than other families.


The child feels slightly embarrassed. This must be a fairly common occurrence when children first start school because in the very early grades teachers ask children to describe their families. 


In this book each child describes how their family is a bit different --  or so they think. One child has parents of different races, one child comes from a very very large family, another child has two Moms, another child has two Dads, one child has several pairs of Grandparents (lucky child I think!).


And one child has a foster mother with many children who is asked “Which of these kids are her real kids?” The wise foster mother says, “Oh I don’t have any imaginary children. All my children are real” Oh, Je n’ai pas d’enfants imaginaires. Ce sont tous mes vrais enfants!


The illustrations are light-hearted, joyful and fun with an interesting range of diversities in the children and adults.


This is a terrific book to read to kids before they enter school and for the first couple of years of school as they become observant of the other children and families around them. Then, when the teacher assigns the inevitable family description assignment, your child will be ready – and proud!


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