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The Color Thief by Gabriel Alborozo uses an unhappy alien from a grey and completely colorless planet to teach the lesson that stealing harms the thief as well as the victim. AND that forgiveness can be a powerful gift.


Here we see unhappy Zot in his unhappy colorless planet. But from his sky he can see colorful earth. Believing that simply stealing all the color from earth would make him happy he sets out do that. He steals one color after the next and when all the colors are gone, he sees a young boy with an orange balloon. He steals the boy’s balloon too. Just as he is about to leave earth as colorless as his own planet he sees how sad and unhappy the boy is.


The boy’s sadness touches Zot’s heart. He realizes he cannot make himself happy by making others unhappy. Zot returns earth’s colors to our planet. When he returns the boy’s balloon, the boy gives Zot the orange balloon to take home in his spaceship.


Back on his home planet Zot is happy with his balloon and finds that the happy color tinges his entire world with color. He notes that a little color goes a long way.


Gabriel Alborozo is both the writer and illustrator of this story.  It can be a good starter for an important conversation with kids age 3-6, who often have the tendency to think that they can take something they want from someone else.


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