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This story begins with a lovely, quiet scene where a happy tugboat works hard in his home harbour while seagulls fly overhead. Then calamity after calamity hits! The tugboat finds himself pushed by an angry thunderstorm until he is at the top of a volcano, then a hurricane throws him to the top of a cavern, then a giant octopus thinks the tugboat might be a nice fishy snack.



But, no worries, in each instance the tugboat finds friends or figures out how to get himself out of the predicament safely. Eventually the tugboat is happy to find himself back in his snug little harbor with the seagulls flying overhead.



This simple bedtime story, Bote, the Tugboat, by Ottawa Canada area writer Joh Seymour, will give young children a thrill but won’t scare them too much. And they will learn that, with friends and a little thinking and ingenuity, they can solve problems on their own and make it back to the safety of home.



As you can see, the illustrations are in black and white. This is an unusual choice but as author Jon Seymour points out, some children can find color illustrations to be too stimulating. He prefers to have the child either color his drawings with their own imaginations or to actually color them with crayons or markers. The paper this book and his other book Sophia and the Spaghetti-Breathing Dragon are both made with paper suitable for coloring.



Jon Seymour self published both these books in 2022. It is available from on the link I have added in the comments section below. Help support Canadian writers, buy their books! And thank you for coming back to Great Books for Kids by Michelle Marcotte and helping to support me by using my Amazon links.