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This book tells the story of a simple and fun activity between a man and his daughter. The daughter wants to draw a dragon, not an ordinary dragon but the best dragon in the whole wide world. And the problem is that his daughter is too young to be able to draw the dragon of her dreams. So, her Dad volunteers to draw the dragon. And Sophie dreams BIG!


Bit by bit she describes her dragon and bit by bit her dad draws it in pen and ink until we see the most marvelous dragon emerge in black and white. It has the usual dragon elements such as a big head and a long pointed tail, but as her father asks more questions about what the dragon looks like, Sophie’s imagination soars to seven legs, one arm with two hands, spikes on the dragons’ back – each spike wearing a hat and on and on.


Until Dad asks will the dragon breathe fire?. Well no. Sophie’s dragon breathes spaghetti and smells like banana muffins.


As this book shows, there is no limit to a child’s imagination. 


As you can see, this book is in black and white an unusual choice for illustrations but the author notes, some children may become overstimulated by too much color. So this book leaves the child to add the colors of their imaginations. And the paper used is perfect for a child to color the dragon they way they want. It is a book to read and an activity all in one.


This book was self-published by Jon Seymour of Osgood Ontario and is only available at You can find it by using the link I placed below in the comments section. If you like supporting new writers and artists, this is a great place to start. Thank you for listening to Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte