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From Galway Ireland, where writers surely know how to spin a great yarn,  comes the author and illustrator of this warm-hearted loving book called Utterly Lovely One by Mary Murphy. Here is a story of how much a parent loves his or her child, how lucky that parent is to have such an utterly lovely child, lovingly called Yummy One. But, at the same time, the parent wants the child to know that ALL the creatures of the world are utterly lovely.


Mary Murphy has created a lively colorful world of creatures, possibly none of which can be found in Ireland. We are introduced to them one by one. The parent, an enthusiastic big blue bird, introduces us to animals small to large, quiet to noisy, and each one he or she declares is utterly lovely. We meet snails and dragonflies, frilled lizards, elephants, jungle birds, armadillos, numbats, crocodiles, monkeys and bush babies, essentially, creatures from all corners of this planet. A side advantage to this book is that you will have to google numbats, and bush babies just to learn about these interesting and adorably cute animals.


This book will delight a child from two to six, and the six-year-old will enjoy reading more about some of the creatures in this book. Mary Murphy has done something unusual with the illustrations of this book.

She hand lettered the text in large and clear printed font perfect for a beginning reader to read aloud. So it can be read aloud by adults and beginning readers.


Published by Candlewick Press, it is available from the Amazon affiliate link that I placed in the comment section below, or from bookstores that love imaginative books.


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