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Dumpling Dreams about the life of legendary chef and entrepreneur Joyce Chen, was published in 2017, just a few days before Joyce Chen would have turned 100 yrs old. Born into a wealthy family in Bejiing China before communism, Joyce learned to cook from her family’s cook and then her mother. As the communists under Mao Zedong approached her then home in Shanghai, Joyce, her husband and two children escaped to Cambridge Massachusetts.


It was in Cambridge, among students and professors from Harvard and MIT, and the first high tech innovators all obviously open to new ideas, that Joyce introduced Northern Chinese cooking to the US. She introduced the completely new to the US idea of Chinese dumplings also known as potstickers. They were so unfamiliar that she called them Peking ravioli just to get people to try them.


She and her new Chinese food and ideas became so popular that she was successful with several restaurants, became a manufacturer of prepared cooking sauces and in 1967 became a television cooking show celebrity, surely one of the first Asian persons on television.


This is a biography for children with dreams, children who have had life trauma, personal challenges and yet, still dream. This is a book that tells children they can succeed under difficult circumstances.


Author Carrie Clickard covers a lot of years and miles in telling about Joyce’s life. Illustrator Katy Wu’s depiction of the young Joyce are so warm and amusing. Wu has the capability to easily and gently get emotions across in a way that adults and children will appreciate. With end-notes that track the milestones in Joyce Chen’s life, provide references for further reading – AND the recipe for potstickers, this is a great book for home cooks to read to their kids and grandkids.


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