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Lots of people talk about STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering Math books for kids but probably no one has made science and arithmetic as fun, funny, interesting and real for kids age 4-10 as 13 Ways to Eat a Fly by Sue Heavenrich and illustrated by David Clark. Not only that, but the science in this book is entomology, the study of insects. Comparatively speaking not too many people think of entomology when they think of scientific fields of study. I worked with entomologists for more than a decade and I even married one. I vouch for the fact that entomologists are funny and entomology is interesting.


Many animals and even plants rely on flies and other flying insects for food. This book uses absolutely delightful language and illustrations to show us 13 ways that flies are eaten using words that kids will laugh at such as zapped, wrapped, waterbound, underground, and more. This is definitely a laugh out loud book.


nd behind the laughs there is great science information such as the common and latin names of flying insects, and details about how and where they get eaten. The fun language will appeal to the younger readers when you read this book aloud, and older readers will gain valuable information. There are several end pages that, believe it or not, talk about the nutrient value of flies, what parts are edible and a biography for further reading. After reading this book, kids will look at pesky flying insects in a new way.


The illustrations are big, bold and animated and a big part of the reason that this book is so funny. The illustrations are also reasonably clear enough that budding entomologists might be able to tell you what fly that is on the kitchen ceiling when next you see one.


So, 13 Ways to Eat a Fly is fun, introduces flying insects, the creatures that eat them, the habitats where the insects are eaten, and counts backwards from 13 to none. This is a book that any science or STEM oriented family needs. And if you have a kid who really dislikes flying insects, this book provides them with an excellent revenge strategy.


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