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Thank you for coming back to Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte. Middle school can be a difficult time of transition. There’s a big new school large enough to get lost in, lockers with tricky locks, boys who tease, best friends who ignore you in favor of other friends, and mean girls. The Cupcake Cure by Coco Simon is the beginning of the Cupcake Diaries series intended for girls age 9-13. There are currently eight books in this series. The author, Coco Simon, knows this age group, knows girls and apparently also knows about baking cupcakes.


In a light approach we meet our narrator Katie and her watchful, understanding Mom. Katie has a difficult first few weeks of middle school; her best friend takes up with a clique of mean girls, she becomes lost in the new bigger school and is late for class, she is scared of the math teacher, irritates her home room teacher by using her cell phone in class and is teased by a boy who finds her volley ball skills to be quite lacking.


And yet, she finds new friends, navigates a new relationship with her former best friend, learns to stand up for herself against the mean girls and accepts that being unskilled at volley ball is not the end of the world.

And while cupcakes do provide comfort, in this book they are also a team building method that eventually leads to a new business when the new group of friends use cupcake-baking skills to fundraise for the school.


The adults in this book are understanding and helpful. The problems are real but the girls themselves find realistic ways to fix those problems. The language, relationships and behaviors are appropriate for the 9-12 year old age group. So, although this is a light-hearted book, you can give it to your tween girl without worries.


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