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Hi and welcome to Great Books for Kids Reviewed by me -  Michelle Here is the Amazon affiliate link:  Marcotte.


You will find an Amazon Affiliate link in the comment section of each of my youtube videos. The way an Amazon Affiliate links work is that if you click on the link, it will take you directly to the book on Amazon which if you buy it or anything else, you won't pay a penny more, the author won't pay a penny less but I will make a few cents which allows me buy more books to review. Thank you!


I give quick, informative, independent reviews of quality books for kids and teens. I’m both a writer and an artist, so I think text, illustrations and covers are all important for quality kids’ books. Gifts of books can help you connect with kids and spend great moments with them.


There are many new books for kids being published by emerging authors and illustrators - these are the classic books of NOW and TOMORROW. So, although I will also review classic and already popular books, my focus will be on today's new books, new writers and illustrators.


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