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Thank you for coming back to Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte so I can tell you about this wonderful book about how kids can play with just their imaginations and how understanding and forgiving kids can be.


In Collette’s Lost Pet by Isabelle Arsenault, we meet Colette who has just moved to a new neighborhood in downtown Montreal. Lonely Colette wants a pet, but her parents are busy unpacking boxes. They say NO Pets! and tell her to go play outside. When she runs across a possible new friend, Colette dreams up a story about looking for her lost bird. Well, one thing leads to the next as Colette meets more and more neighborhood kids. The story and the marvelous pet bird grow more fantastical as each new kid joins the search for this wonderful bird. Colette makes ample use of her expansive imagination and her new friends, instead of challenging her or doubting her, play along. They accept Colette and realize she has invented an interesting new pretend-exploration game for them.


Isabelle Arsenault is both the writer and illustrator for this charming story of acceptance. Her active drawings are in black and white and yellow only, except for the bird who is blue. The wonderful diversity of Montrealers are included in the depictions of children. There is plenty of great detail and yet still room for kids to imagine themselves searching for a pet bird in the yards and alleys of an urban neighborhood.


Kids who live in big cities will easily picture themselves and anyone who is trying to adapt to a new neighborhood after moving households will relate. It is a quality book for kids 4-8. Colette’s Lost Pet was published by Tundra Books of Random House Canada.


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