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There is snow and then there is Buffalo Snow! Everyone has heard of the epic snowstorms of Buffalo New York and surrounding towns, but what is it like to be stuck in one? The book Buffalo Snow by well-known


Buffalo artist Elizabeth Leader and her elementary school teaching daughter Eve Tulbert, tell us about the hazards, the beauty and the neighborliness of communities where massive snowfalls  happen regularly. Buffalo is called the City of Good Neighbors for a good reason.


Here we meet Jill who is out grocery shopping with her teen-age brother, a new driver. On their way home one of those legendary Buffalo blinding snow blizzards hits and their car is stuck. Waiting for a snow plow that doesn’t come, the cold kids head out into the blizzard to walk home, which is not a good idea in a blizzard. They knock on the door of a house, and in true City of Good Neighbors custom, they are let in, warmed up and even given shelter for the night. The kids in this story are white but the good neighbors who let them in, warm them, feed them and give them beds for the night are black in a clear demonstration Buffalo’s good neighborliness.


The beauty of the storm reveals itself in the morning light, when the kids’ dad  can finally dig his way in to the snowbound neighborhood. The family has made new friends.


Elizabeth Leader and her daughter Eve Tulbert know kids, know Buffalo and know snow! Elizabeth is an award winning pastel artist, and her illustrations for this book are so brilliantly realistic you can get chilled just reading this book. But you are saved from the chills by the warmth of the family who rescues the kids from the blizzard. Eve Tulbert, with her elementary teaching background well understands the emotions the kids experience when it seems the world itself is threatening you. 


This book will amaze kids from places where winter is not cold and help them understand cold regions. Kids from cold regions will also love this story and feel good about helping their neighbors.


Printed and distributed in Buffalo by Petit Printing, you will find Buffalo Snow on Goodreads or Amazon by following the affiliate link in the comment section below. And you can find it in Buffalo bookstores, who appreciate a great local story.  Thank you for listening, please subscribe and give this book a thumbs up below.