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Rhyming week has been fun for me at Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte and I hope for you too. You can find my other rhyming books by subscribing to my channel and searching around. Rhyming books work so well for young children and babies because the repetition and rhythm will soothe them, and help them learn language. Reading to babies is a great way to cuddle. They learn to love books and love learning when you read to them.


First Morning Sun by Aimee Reid and illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong is just what you need to fulfil those goals. With short perfectly rhymed sentences, we marvel at all the first experiences as baby grows from newborn until the beginning of pre-school, and then, by experiencing the introduction of a new baby to the household. We first see mother and child in the first morning, the first cry and first lullaby. The child experiences firsts with Dad too and is rocked to sleep by Grandma. As the child grows we experience a first birthday cake, and new friends.


Jing Jing Tsong has colored baby’s world with soft pink, peach, yellow, blue and green colors. The colors are softest at the beginning of life and become bolder as the child grows in their boldness of experiencing the world. There is pattern too, gentle, layered and detailed. I see these aspects as being an Asian approach to pattern and drawing that might introduce a child to a new way of seeing and enjoying the world.


This is a lovely book to give to new parents because as they become accustomed to wakeful nights, they can look forward to the first time baby walks or talks and grows. It is also a good book to give a family who is about to bring a new baby into a house with a toddler to introduce the toddler to what it will be like to watch a baby grow.


So, this is a great book from newborn to age 5, and especially good when there is a new baby expected.

First Morning Sun by Aimee Reid and Jing Jing Tsong was published by Beach Lane Books by Simon and Schuster. You can find this lovely book of firsts on their website, on Amazon and anywhere baby books are sold.